We have been married since 2008 and my wife who is 27 years has been trying concieve vain. We have been having unprotected sex and we dont practice any form of family planing method. My wife has been experiencing blood spotting afew days after her ovulation. This has been happening every time we have sex few days to her ovulation. On two occassions she has seen a lump of blood coming out of her virginer (normally at ovulation or few days after). She is now very worried. She doesent know whether is infertile or not. The situation is made worse by the fact that she normally experience severe abdominal pains (crupms) during her menestration. A health expart once told her to concieve to stop the pains.

We request for your advice. what cuases the blood discharge when there is no conception/implantation? Could there be a possible solution to this challange?

Your advice will be appreciated.