Dear Sir, Madam.
I wanted to ask about the HIV Virus in particular, I have had protected sex with 2 different girls, and have 2 scenarios which happened with me that I would like to ask about. –excuse me for being so blunt but I don’t know how else to say it-
The first scenario is that I had an intercourse and after that I had my penis between her breasts with the condom on, after words I removed the condom and put my penis again in between her breasts, so I'm really afraid that I had catch the HIV virus taking In to consideration that I don’t know of she is an HIV positive and that I don’t have a foreskin –if that got anything to do with it-

The first scenario is that I had an intercourse –with the condom on- and after word I went to the bathroom, urinated and wiped the upper part of my penis with a toilet paper and after word I wiped my penis from the front with the same paper, could I have got the HIV through what I did, even though I'm not sure if the upper body of my penis had any liquids from the girl I slept with.

Your prompt reply is highly appreciated