My boyfriend was going away for the college so ofc, we had to get some fun before. It's quite embrassing for me to talk about it but hell I can't sleep for 3rd day and it's really worrying me.

So he came along, firstly, we had sex (with condom on whole time ofc), I'm NOT on any kind of anticonception (will i will be after this.).
The thing is, he came, so did i, all cool, he took the condom away, wipped his penis with his hand and his hand into tissue, we threw it to bin etc.
Then we were cuddling and all that (after like 2-3 mins after sex and hand wipping part), so he's laying on me and kissing, then i feel his penis's head on my vagina so I immediately moved higher so it didn't touch me any more (i was still wet since yea, i didn't wipe myself or anything).
So, as i moved higher he starts to rub his thingy on my belly and i got mine on his tigh, then this is the part which worries me whole 3 days.
I can't clearly remember if he fingered me first during it. Or if i rubbed a bit on his tigh and then he fingered me. Anyways, we did this for a bit then he gets on me, licks me, i get on him and lick him, and girl as I'm licking him i feel a bit of cum on the head of his penis.
That got me worried about the touching his penis' head on my p***y and then fingering me.

I'll take the pregnancy test next week, since i'm late to take the 24-72 hours pill and i've been told it should be more accurate if i take the test week after we had sex. The time, waiting is killing me tho, I've never had a kid nor I'm planning to do so in next couple of years.

If someone could calm me down or give me goosebumps please do so. I'll be more careful next time and on pills too, lol.

Thanks in advance