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i've just measured my penis for 2nd time in my life,it's just over 5" soft and 4"in girth,erect it's just over 7"long and 5" in girth,i always thought i was reasonably big but am worried as my m8 doesn't climax thru penatration(wich she says she never has) apart from 2times one of which was with me. I only worry as she is used to bigger penis,she says my girth is fine but am a little short,is she playing on my insecurity of her past or maybe just teasing me,just wantd to know what most women think? any reply good or bad would be great so long as it's honest. Fanx


Hi i think she is just teasing you , cause you are a bit bigger than average Please chill , add some more or extra Foreplay , Take care and Enjoy , x