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It's a holiday weekend so I can't get to a clinic until Tuesday...

I'm probably being paranoid over nothing, but I had protected sex with a new partner about a week ago, and yesterday I noticed a bump that looks like a pimple or a blister or something in my pubic hair. It's not actually on the penis, but maybe 3/4ths of an inch above.

It's bigger than any zit I've had on my face, but not as large as a pencil eraser... It's hard to tell if it's a blister or a zit because of the pubic hair, but it did at one point leak some reddish/clear fluid... and occasionally leaks a tiny bit of blood over the past 2 days if touched.

What could this be? I'm thinking maybe it's just an infected ingrown hair or something, but I'm paranoid maybe it's something worse because of the timing. I did ask the partner and she says she was tested recently and is clean.


Hey, How did it turn out? Was it nothing or was it something more?