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Is a pinkish-very light brown discharge a sign of a yeast infection?

I know that I have a yeast infection, but now that the worst of it is gone, I have developed a pinkish discharge, which I also had just before the infection.

I have been on birth control for 6 months now, and this has never happened before.

I have not changed sex partners either.

Is it normal for this to occur with a yeast infection?



You should know that yeast are small organisms that live in your vagina and its acidic environment which helps them live. When your vagina becomes less acidic, the yeast number increases and this disbalance causes vaginal infections. The acidic balance can be changed by getting your period, diabetes, pregnancy, antibiotics and, like in your case, birthcontrol pills. It can happen you have transmitted a yeast infection to your partner so if he notices any symptoms, you talk to your doctor for the further advice.
When the yeast treatment is over, you make sure to prevent it from coming back again. You always keep the genital area clean, try to avoid showergels, irritating soaps etc as these can cause the misbalance of your vaginal flora, wear lose cotton underwear, change sanitary napkins frequently, when you go swimming you make sure you change your swimsuit right after you go out of the water, if you take antibiotics you take them only for how long the doctor prescribes them, not for a longer period.
However, yeast infection is a very common infection in women’s lives, approximately 75% of all women are likely to have such infection.