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I just started on a blood testing meter and I was wondering if it is giving me the right reading?  I don't know if it really is.  I can check myself two times over and it gives me a different reading each time!  I think it was a waste of money.  I think I should just wait to have my blood sugar done at the doctor's office.  Does anyone have an experience with the blood glucose monitor you would like to share?  Does yours give an accurate reading?


Hello, Guest!  I can understand your concern about glucose meters, or glucometers, and their accuracy in blood sugar readings.  It can be disheartening to measure your blood glucose to find it deviates from the norm, yet you have been doing everything right!  There will be a little discrepancy from time to time on the meter readings.  It should be too much, however.  Are you doing a quality control test with your test strips to check to see if the testing solution is within its designated parameters?  This would be the first thing to do if you suspect that the meter is not giving you an accurate reading.  If the control test is good, then you would be ok using the meter unless the reading are "way out there."  At that point, you may want to find another meter.  I wouldn't suggest that you wait until you go to the doctor to check your blood sugar.  The doctor can tell about your blood sugars if he can see a list of how each meal affects them and other details that one blood test will not do.  Are there others out there that have had problems with their meters?  Is one meter better than the other?  Which type of meter works well for giving more accurate results?