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Does anyone have any information for checking my blood?  What are the best tips for blood glucose testing for diabetics?  I want to make sure I know what I am doing is right or not.  Is there anyone who knows the proper procedure? 


Hello, Guest.  The best tips on blood glucose testing is the following.  Have your meter, lancet pen, lancets, and test strips ready. Make sure that you wash your hands before you start.  Insert your lancet into the pen and testing strip into the meter. A flashing "blood drop" will show up on the window of your meter to tell you it's ready.   Pick a finger to test.  Along the side of the finger, not the tip (as there are many nerve endings there!), and prick the finger with the lancing pen.  Place a drop of blood on the test strip. If you are having trouble getting a drop of blood, milk your finger from the base up near the 1st knuckle and repeat until you obtain a drop. If you have trouble getting blood as a norm, you can try letting your arm (the arm that has the finger you want to test) hang before testing so that gravity pulls more blood to the tips of your fingers.  You can milk your testing finger ahead of time to help bring blood to the surface as well. 

When you touch the drop of blood to the testing strip, make sure only the blood touches, not your finger itself.  Let the meter do your blood glucose reading (it should only take a few seconds).  If it reads a value that you believe to be wrong, you should check it again.  If it still reads an out-of-range value, use the control testing solution included with your kit to check the test strips.  If the value doesn't match the control parameters on the vial of solution, the test strips are faulty. 




I hope this post was helpful!  Does anyone else have anything to add?