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So how was your fasting blood glucose number this am?  I am struggling to get mine to come down.  I watch my sugar intake and I even stop eating carbs after supper and I go to bed hungry.  I still have high blood sugars in the morning!  How do I get them down without cutting out any more carbs?  It seems the more I try it gets worse.  Any body have any advice or am I doomed?


Hello, Guest!  I see that you are concerned with keeping your fasting blood sugar down to a normal level, but you are having difficulty with it.  You should not be cutting carbs out of your diet.  This is counterproductive and as you can see, you are having problems with your blood sugar.  It is because that when you stop or limit your carbohydrate intake, this tells your liver that your body needs more glucose.  The liver stores glucose so it will spill glucose into your bloodstream in large quantities.  It is almost like an emergency reserve to keep your body from being starved of carbohydrates.  Unfortunately, so much of the glucose gets into your bloodstream, it makes your blood glucose levels go up too much.  This is why when you keep carbs limited at night into the morning, you will still have high results on the meter.  You actually NEED to eat something at night to help keep the liver from putting out glucose.  If you keep everything at equillibrium through your diet and exercise, this will help.  If you still cannot get control after doing these things, your doctor may prescribe medication.

What other experiences have anyone have with their fasting blood sugars and maintaining normal levels?  Is there anything you would recommend that helps keep the fasting blood sugar down?  Are there certain foods that help keep them level?