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Hi all, I'm having a problem interpreting my BG reading. I took a blood glucose measurement before I went to bed and it was 6.6 which I was pleased about. When I got up in the morning I took a fasting glucose test and it was 6.9. I don't understand how your sugar levels go up when your asleep and you haven't eaten anything all night. Quite often my fasting sugar level is up around 8.0. Nevertheless, was causes your sugar levels to go up overnight and what can I do to bring my fasting sugars down. Oh by the way, right now I'm not taking any medications. So, can someone tell me what's happening with my fasting sugar levels?


Hi, Your fasting levels look fine and quite often they will be higher than went you went to bed the night before. During the night you burn up the glucose you went to bed with, how ever much that is. There comes a point during the night that your body has used up most of the sugar you went to bed with. In response to this, your liver takes its glycogen stores and breaks that down into individual glucose molecules and releases them into your bloodstream to run metabolic pathways in all your cells. This often occurs at 2 to 3 in the morning or even later. By the time you get up at say 5, 6 or 7am, you will often have more sugar in your blood than you went to bed with because you haven't used all the glucose your liver released yet. So, you see it's no real mystery. The sugar doesn't appear out of nowhere. It was being stored in you liver for later use. Even during the day the liver can release glucose if you need it. For example in between meals. When you take in glucose, your body uses some now and saves some for later when you're not eating.


There is another issue you need to consider which has to do with your glucometer. Home type devices like the glucometer are not that accurate. In fact, your meter can be off by 20 percent. In fact, your two readings may not actually be different from each other or they could be significantly different from each other. Just remember, hand held home meters are not that accurate.