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I am having trouble with checking my blood sugar.  I am a newly diagnosed type 2 diabetic so I am hoping to hear from some other diabetics?  I seem to get some readings that are off the wall.  Sometimes they are way down to 20 and I know that can't be true.  i feel fine and don't feel hypoglycemic.  Am I doing it wrong?


Hello, Guest! Apparently there is something wrong with your meter if you get readings that don't match your state at the time!  You may need to get a different meter.  Where did you get the meter you have now?  Is it one of the cheap ones that is available at drugstores for $9.99?  I was just wondering whether those meters were very reliable because of their cheap price.  I would find one that is a popular brand.  You can see if your pharmacy has a promotion for them, like get a meter free and just pay for the test strips.  That is where the meter companies are making their money is from the test strips as they can run into the range of $80 a bottle for 50 test strips. 

It is important that you get accurate readings from your meter.  You will need to do a control test on each bottle of test strips you open.  Sometimes the integrity of the test strips may be compromised and come to the pharmacy ineffective.  This isn't common but it can happen.  Also store your meter and test strips where they are not in extreme hot or cold temperatures.  Once you take a test strip out to use it, close the bottle of test strips immediately to maintain their quality.  You will also want to make sure your fingers are clean when testing so that your results will be accurate.