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Hello, I seem to be having a problem with blood glucose levels after exercise. Anyone else out there have the same problem? My seems to be a bit high and is up around 135. I thought when you were exercising you burned glucose to make energy to help you exercise with. So, why is my sugar level high? It just seems some what contradictory. I do take some juice before I exercise but that's about 6 ounces or so. I like to take a mix of pineapple and orange juice. Is this a common phenomena for diabetes type 2? Is there anyway I can bring that down a bit or isn't it necessary?


Hi, I have a similar problem problem with my blood glucose levels when I exercise as well. It sounds like you might have some problems with insulin resistance. That's what my doctor told me I had. When you exercise, your liver releases glucose from glycogen to supply you with energy you need to exercise with. Even though you are releasing some insulin from your pancreas, your insulin receptors may not be binding insulin well and that means you can't take glucose into your cells very well. This leaves a fair amount of glucose in your blood stream giving you a high reading. There are some people out there that have readings up around 180 to 190 and that is high. So, you not so bad off. I was wondering if you eat something after you exercise and if so how does that affect your blood glucose levels later? I usually eat something simply because I'm hungry at that time. I eat something light like some celery and sometime a put a little peanut butter on that. Other times I eat some unsalted crackers with some cheese. Cheese is one of my favorites. Don't know what I would do if I couldn't have cheese.