I had what started out as a blackhead that I saw last night right on the top of my upper lip, and when I noticed it I went to pop it because that's what I normally do with blackheads (I know bad habit). When I woke up this morning, it had inflamed and was now a noticeable red bump on the top of my lip. I have been picking at it all day, and unsurprisingly it remains inflamed and irritated. It wasn't until just a little bit ago that I started to freak out that maybe it was a cold sore and that oh no I had contracted oral herpes. I have just recently had a new sexual partner, so I guess there is a chance that they may have given me oral herpes as I had never had it before. It looks just like a zit that I would have anywhere else, except what concerns me is it is on my lip. Am I freaking out for no reason over this possible herpes thing? Or am I right to be concerned?