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Just did Zoom 2 teeth whitening in beverly hills. Talk about pain. There are 3 15 minutes sessions included in the hour. I got through only two of them. They told me after that it is common to have teeth nerve pain for two days or more. Anyway, I will never do it again. It reminds me of those stars with the really white teeth. How much pain did they go through to get their teeth that white?Anyone else do zoom 2 teeth whitening?


I had the zoom 2 teeth whitening done today. Now I am in a horrible pain. I think every case is different because people are different and they manage pain differently but as I can see both of us are in pain after the treatment. I have heard that some people do just fine but I honestly think that I am never going to do it again. My dentist was excellent and I didn't get any burns or blisters on my lips or mouth but my teeth are killing me. But I must say that my teeth are very beautiful and white now but this definitely is not worth of all that pain. I even had to take some pain killers.

Did you find some alternative solution to this procedure? And if you did are you satisfied and does it hurt? Because I would like to have white teeth but if there is any way to avoid the pain.