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Neem oil for dogs is beneficial for their health in many ways. This oil helps to keep tick, fleas, parasites away from dogs, boosts the immune system, and promotes healthy teeth, skin, and a shiny and problem-free coat. Let us look at the benefits of neem oil for dogs.
Neem oil shampoo for dogs are effective, and work extremely well for flea and tick control in dogs. Since neem is known for its insecticidal properties, giving your dog a bath with neem oil shampoo will help to get rid of all these skin problems. This shampoo is safe even if you use it often. Reducing unnecessary loss of fur, preventing skin diseases, strengthening and improving the fur coat, etc. are some of the benefits of neem oil shampoo for dogs. Here is a simple recipe to make neem oil pet shampoo. Mix around 5ml of neem oil to 100ml of regular shampoo that you use for your dog.
Neem soap for dogs is also available in the market. You can use this soap while giving your dog a bath. This helps to treat scabies, viruses or other yeast infections and skin rashes. Neem soap is gentle and safe for your dog.
Neem oil for fleas on dogs is also very effective. You can use this oil safely as it has no harmful effects. But do not use too much neem oil to get rid of fleas in dogs. So it is necessary to check with your veterinarian about the recommended amount, if your dog has lot of fleas on its coat. Make sure you use raw neem oil and not refined neem oil. You can use neem oil with shampoos, sprays and soaps.
It is very important to keep your dog's ears clean. If not, there can be many diseases that might cause severe problems. There are many insects, fleas, ticks that hide deep in the furry areas of the ears which are difficult to treat. Before using neem oil for dog's ears, make sure you have cleaned the ears properly by removing or wiping dirt with a wet cotton. Neem oil can prevent the re-infestation of insects in dogs. Apply diluted neem oil to your dog's furry ear edges. Do not apply neem oil on the inner area of the ear skin as this can irritate the dog, as this oil is strong. You can dilute neem oil with almond oil or olive oil too.
Neem oil can also be used as a spray on the dog's coat. Neem oil spray for dogs are easy to make. All you will need is 1 gallon of water, 1 1/2 tablespoon liquid soap, and a tablespoon of neem oil. First, heat 1 gallon water in a container. The water should be warm and not hot. Now mix the liquid soap in the warm water and add neem oil to it. Keep stirring this mixture for about 5 minutes. Now pour this solution in a spray bottle and use it on your dog. Make sure that you use this spray immediately after you prepare it. This spray is usable for maximum 8 hours after it is made.

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Hello.  I was wondering if you could point to some more authoritative perhaps technical / medical references to "neem" and "neem oil"?  I have just heard of it and want to know more.  It sounds wonderful, like finding a cave full of gems!

Thank you.