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Good day everyone.


I need to discuss with you some issue.

My cat ( cat that is three years old) has some problems with fleas lately.

I get rid of them but they came back again.

I think that I don’t have a power over them anymore and whatever I do I just can’t help my cat. They are attacking my cat over and over again.


I bought some shampoo but my cat got some reactions on this.

I am looking for good, natural ways of prevent and get rid of fleas in cat.

Is there any way to help me in this?

Tnx a lot!


Hello. Those products that you buy at the pet shops or stores are pretty aggressive for pets. I avoid them. Natural ways are definitely better options. Here is one and I hope that this one will help you and your cat.  When you don’t know what to use, try apple cider vinegar bath or spay. Applying this during a bath or as a spray does not change cat's internal Ph level. But it is really amazing way to prevent and remove fleas. Especially on kittens. You will need spray bottle, a couple cups of apple cider vinegar and some mild shampoo that is safe and good for cats.



Hey there. I have cat. She is a kitten. I agree that apple cider vinegar is good thing, but why you just don’t try soapy water flea trap? You should use hot or warm water. You need to have a swallow dish, warm water, dish soap or night light. Do this – fill a swallow dish with warm soapy water and place directly under a night light. Check this trap in the morning, empty this dish and repeat it again. I did this and I was surprised with the results. I believe that this is the best way to prevent fleas. To get rid of them you should use flea comb. It works much better if you put some lemon on it and then clean your cat. The results are amazing. Good luck!





I have never heard about this trick with a dish but I am willing to try it. Definitely :)

I am always using this flea comb.


But there is one more trick that can help you get rid of fleas in cats.

Almighty olive oil :)

You should left olive oil on your cat’s fur for maximum four hours and then wash it. Of course you need to avoid eye and mouth area.

I was using this for my Hope just once, one month ago and since then there are no fleas at all.

You should definitely try it :)

Olive oil is something that we all have in our homes :)



I agree that Olive oil can be your biggest ally against those little enemies. But you should try lavender water spray. All you need is fresh lavender and one cup of water for soaking.

Some other remedy to prevent fleas in cats is white vinegar.

It is one of the best remedies.

Use white vinegar while you are cleaning or giving a bath to your pet.

Pour white vinegar to water and pour it on the body of your pet.


I can see that many people are suggesting flea comb. I wouldn’t. I would suggest you to forget about it because it is not that helpful.