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Many people can be found striving to achieve the goal of a sexy butt irrespective of the route they would be required to follow in order to achieve it. More than just tightening the butt it would be better if they concentrated on shaping it.
 The best ways to tighten and shape the butt would be the ones that eliminate the factors that caused its presence in the first place such as lack of movement, sedentary lifestyle and an inappropriate diet. Though there are many people who seek resolve this issue with the help of some surgical procedure or weight loss pills, what they do tend to forget about these methods is their expensiveness and complications. For instance, the commonest complication of liposuction is saggy skin folds that look really unsightly and are tougher to lose than the big sized butts. Through this article we would be looking at all the exercises and lifestyle alterations that can and should be adopted by anyone who aspires to become the owner of well-shaped and firmer butts:

1) Squat: This is a high intensity workout that majorly focuses on the reduction of fat from the regions of thighs and butt. In addition to shaping up the butt, it is also effectual in shaping up fatty and improperly proportioned regions of the body. If you are practicing this workout in a gym then you would be required to perform it with the help of a barbell. The barbell is supposed to rest against shoulders. Keep you hands wider apart from your shoulders. Now, look right in front of you and start bending just your knees and not your back. While coming back up exert pressure through heels and the gluteus muscles of the butt. Breathe deeply and repeat this workout at least 10 times.

Hamstring Curl, Lunges and Cable Kickback

2) Hamstring Curl: as the name suggests, this workout works perfectly on the hamstring and gluteus muscles. Hamstring Curl machine has been designed in such a manner that it works perfectly to reduce the flab from the hip, thigh and butt regions. Nevertheless, it is important that the exerciser practices this workout in an optimal manner so that he/she can avoid the chances of a muscle pull. You would be required to lie down on your stomach over the exercise machine as you maintain your back in a flat posture. Now, engage your feet in the lower portion of the pad and raise your feet with all your strength. Make sure that you are always looking down while you are practicing this exercise.

3) Lunge: this is yet another assuring exercise form that many exercisers can be found opting for who look forward to shaping up their butt smartly and speedily. This exercise can be performed easily at home as it employs the use of only the standard weighing dumbbells. Hold dumbbells in your hands and keep your arms folded. Now, gradually put forward one foot of yours to a position wherein your toes are positioned right next to your knee. Make sure that your back is in an upright position during the performance of this exercise.

4) Cable Kickback: this is a mild form of workout that can be performed by people of all ages to shape up the buttocks. All that you are supposed to do is tie the straps to the feet and then while keeping the knees and hips bent slightly just thrust the leg forwards as if you are kicking something. It is always better to look straight while performing this exercise so that the gluteus muscles are in a full contraction mode. This workout is supposed to be repeated with every leg for approx. 8-10 times.

Hiking and Walking

5) Hiking: This is an outdoor cardio workout that has worked wonders for proper who were bothered about the excess amount of fat on their butt and thighs. Basically, it is the muscles of the buttock and thighs that are utilized by a human being to climb up. Hiking at a standard speed for an hour is capable of burning 390 calories and that calorie figure is something that is capable of exhibiting its signs within a week's time.

6) Walking:
it's no amaze that many exercisers who perform the aforementioned high intensity workouts like kickback and hamstring curl find it tough to believe that a simple walk through the woods or blocks can serve the same purpose with lesser amount of effort. The only difference that exists between the outcomes of walking and high intensity cardio workouts is the speed with which the outcomes take shape. For instance, a person who opts for walking might be able to burn off butt fat in 10-15 days time when compared to the person who opts for the kickback exercise who would be able to achieve the same results within a week's time.

In addition to the aforementioned exercises, there are a couple of lifestyle alterations too that are supposed to be adopted in order to maintain the levels of weight loss outcomes that have been obtained with the help of the workouts. This can be either opting for the use of stairs instead of the lift and exclusion of high calorie foods from the diet. The stairs render the same effect onto the muscles of butt and thighs that are experienced by them at the time of exercise session. This practice can especially help those people in shaping up their butts who don't have much time to spare for going for the gym sessions. Weight loss diet regimes make sure that the effort put by you into the performance of various exercises does not get annulled. For instance, you might be relying on the hiking exercise to help you in burning off 390 calories/hour, but then with the inclusion of high calorie desserts and junkies into the diet you would be actually consuming more number of calories than you burn in a day. Butt fat may not be an issue at all if you invest your time and effort into the right measures and methods.