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hi im a a boy about 15 and im approximately 6 feet tall. i have a skinny waist and a skinny upper body. but my problem is between my hips and my knees. i have thunder thighs and a big butt. ive tried losing the fat on butt by doing squats at home but they dont seem to make it any smaller. but they are not working, at least not fast enough. i do not have a high confidence and i think if i reduced the size of my butt then my confidence will rise. i am usually active. i usually shoot hoops at home or in the gym at basketball practice for 2 hours but my butt does not become any smaller. my peers all have smaller butts than me and it makes me feel bad. ive always assumed i have a high metabolism but i guess it has slowed down. i guess what im asking for is a diet/exercise plan for helping me with my situation. please, somebody help me!



I am sorry to hear that you feel so badly about yourself. Just know that God loves you regardless of how you look, and that God and Jesus accept you for your beauty. However, I do have a suggestiion for you. My boyfriend has a very similar physique. Once he took on a serious exercising program called p90X, he became more ripped. I highly recommend that you order it online. His bodily framework was no longer discombobulated because of it. If you already have muscles in your legs and lower body, then all you may need to do is gain muscle in your upper body. The best way to do that is to lift heavy weights to increase your upper body mass in addition to using p90X. p90x is is just designed to tone you up and keep you lean. Remember, a lot of girls don't like skinny guys anyways. So you are well on your way to looking awesome.