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Alright yes, so I have a very bony butt. I'm not underweight or super skinny, it's all really just about right on my body. I love myself. But it hurts to sit too long, and when I bend over (though it looks fine when I'm standing) you can tell my butt is super bony!

Are there any exercises that can actually make my butt rounder looking when I bend over (doggy style is so embarrassing,) and less painful to sit on? I feel really weird for asking... but I honestly don't even know if it's possible?

Any suggestions are much appreciated, thank you! (Minus eating more, because like I said I love my body.)


Hi Felicitous. I had skinny bony butt myself but after two years I managed to shape it in a round, lifted and very desirable. And yes after two years and this is mainly because of genetics. The point is that you must work with what you have and the only way you can fight against mother nature is to get buttock implants and I presume that this is not something you want. There are few exercises which did great thing for me and maybe they can do the same for you. Squats, lunges, step ups  and the hip extension are the basics. Hip extension is an exercise that targets the largest muscle in the body - the gluteus maximus. You can see some videos for this exercise because it is very important to perform them correctly. I would recommend this one and there are plenty of them at the same place. And you must be very patient because the great butt is not something that will happen overnight. So hit your way towards gym and start working on it today.