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I am 20 years old, Living on my own with no family, going to school and working full time, and I just discovered I am Pregnant. I havemade the decision of getting an abortion, because many reasons (School, Money, work, my living situation, and most of all... I know I am not ready for a child- If I were to have a child I would want to be able to provide the best life for it, and right now i know I would not be able to, Its hard enough taking care of myself. I wouldnt want to bring a child in to this world without knowing I can give it my all, I dont want to give my child the life I had, and am working so hard to put behind me.) What Do I do from here and are there any services that will help me pay for it? I dont have insurance and am having a hard time with money. I am scared I wont be able to take care of my situation before it becomes to late.


I would suggest calling your local Planed Parenthood. This is a plcae for young teens and young adults that who do not have medical insurance and are low income family. They provide all kinds of services, yearly women checkups, birthcontrol, pregnancy tests, ultrasounds. etc. I am not sure if they provide the service of abortion but I am sure if you contact them and tell them your situation they can rever you somplace and maybe before you make your final disecion you can talk to a counselor or therapist. You can also ask Planned Parenthood about that.

Wish you the best.


Do yourself one favour, and don't visit the Google #1 slot for abortion techniques. It is a vicious, if subtle, attack on your rights and your choices, run by spuc - the society for protection of the unborn child. Maybe my search engine (I'm uk) gave it a higher ranking because of that, but the lesson is, be careful when you read, listen to advice, search etc.

Your well-being is paramount. Your assessment of your possible futures - with and without the current (potential) child - must ultimately be your own. You are quite clearly rational, and have identified your needs and enquiry: keep that focus as you move forward. I emphasise it only because I was horrified to see such malicious propaganda masquerading as 'advice' for students.

For a balanced, thoughtful, and caring website, respecting your life choices, including possibly keeping the (potential) child, I found Marie Stopes to be very helpful and informative (I was checking something on behalf of another post). Their UK site (again) has a particularly easy and well-structured and informative site for principles and procedures in general, and their international site may assist on US choices.

Hopefully you will find equivalent resources for US or Canadian (if that is your country, given 'school', we say university or college), but if you come across 'alarming' information on another site, refer back to Marie Stopes for a balanced and pro-women website. I am truly astonished at the virulence of the spuc site, and am aware of the pro-life lobby in the states, so am concerned if you run into a similar issue on an apparently helpful US equivalent.


As to specifics, as a heads up (your online search will rapidly give you fuller and more accurate information) your choices are essentially medical termination up to 9 weeks, physical before and after 9 weeks, and surgical later up to the limit of abortion law in your country.

I distinguish 'physical' from 'surgical' as there is no cutting involved in early physical (vs chemical) termination procedures.

Simply put, you can elect to be given medication to induce a miscarriage, essentially a heavy period (with emotional impact, perhaps increased by the treatment), or you can elect to have a straightforward physical termination, whereby the cells of the incipient foetus are removed from the uterine wall, with access via your cervix, so no surgery is involved in an early termination of either of these natures.

The chemical, medicated option seems to have a higher emotional impact - though it is such a profound life choice that there is going to be an emotional impact with either of them. Once you are at peace with your decision, as much as you can reasonably expect to be, however, it seems, from personal experience and from the sites, that the physical approach, though it seems more intrusive, is actually in some ways simpler, cleaner (less complicated) and less disturbing.

In thirty years (I am 50) I have had partners who have miscarried my foetus, and who have elected to abort a foetus by a prior relationship. Both were sensible, mature women over 30, both found it emotional, and while there was no 'choice' in the miscarriage, in the termination it was not a decision entered lightly. Nevertheless, her actual visit, procedure, and aftermath were - physically, not emotionally - no more disruptive than a visit to your gyno or dentist. Emotionally, it's a different matter, but I will say that like you, she felt she was not mentally or financially able to provide for the baby as she hoped, and moved forward with peace of mind, relatively, from that point.

With regard to your finance, I cannot comment on US facilities. Here in the UK it is of course on the NHS. Hint: we do get NHS 'tourists', and if our health service is going to be abused for its generosity, it might as well be by a 'friendly' nation. Still, the most important question, though it may not seem so, indeed it may seem to be taken for granted, is that your rights to make this decision, and your right to go through with it, are protected by law. Don't allow anyone to interfere with your priorities, your well-being, or your decision.

Do the research, including availability, costs, etc. If you have any difficulty clarifying your options, or getting a prompt and satisfactory solution, either post again and or if you get no effective reply, message me, which will route to my personal email, and I will try to find answers and solutions where you are having difficulty.

Understand that if this is your will, your desire, your choice, it will happen. You now simply need to find out how, and what options best suit your needs. Do not be overly concerned by what you don't have. Things have a way of working out, even if right now you don't know how.

Good luck.


... quck follow up on cost: Google 'abortion costs USA' (assuming you're US), check out fwhc site (1st listing on my pc) and under abortion, costs, they quote $600-$1000 for first trimester, with Washington providing it for free, for low-income qualifying women, and other states according to medicaid and medical assistance, per their site.

Not myworld/country, so apologies for not being able to be more accurate and helpful than that, at this time.


Thank you everyone for your Help,
I have spoken to my local Health care Provider on the Subject and Now Am Aware of what I can and am able to do at this point. Its Still terrifying. But Thats life. But thank you everyone.