So after all these abortions, you guys got some type of birth control right? Mirena, Copper IUD, Depo, Ring, Pills, Condoms, Implanon? Not here to judge of course, that's for God to do. But isn't sex much more fun when you don't have to WORRY about that stuff? Then you won't even have to make those decisions! I can't wait for scientists to come out with a male birth control besides a condom because it sounds like they have a lot of say when it comes to women getting abortions. They will never understand mother-child attachments so I think it's a little easier for them to be EXTREME one way or another (pro or anti) I mean it is a 50/50 process so maybe that's another debate in it's entirety. Should you husband/ boyfriend have a say since it's his child too?

I just don't understand how you can do it. It sounds like the hardest scariest decision ever! I think it shows your character and your morals and ethics. (Not meant for negativity, just food for thought) Everyone's situation is different but seriously they're all excuses. That's what we humans do. For any decision we have to make, we use this system called "pros and cons" but if you look at the list you'll see they're all excuses to help ease your mind with the choice at hand. (For ex. something as trivial as buying that new shirt or why you should stay in an abusive relationship) With my experience I got myself into a bad situation but just because I made the choice why does my child have to pay for it? I planned for a child and now the father is not here and I would gladly keep the love of my baby before that jackass!

Also why is the first argument that comes out of an abortionists mouth is that "it's my body." So what? It's not your life your getting rid of though. So why is that the argument? I mean if that's a good debate argument then so should making smoking weed legal, prostitution, popping pills, etc. I mean it's my body an I can put whatever in it. It's not hurting anyone... And I do think one commenter was right when she said it may feel like relief now but later it may come to haunt you. I think people always want a quick fix and they don't think about how it might effect them down the road. No the people standing outside the clinics probably won't help you with all your bills and take care of your kids. But the point is that there are other options, those people are just extreme in their beliefs but not every pro-lifer or anti-abortionist is like this, so please do not stereotype. And yes some of the medical procedures are very grotesque. Anyone that tells you they are just suctioning "something" along with the lining is crazy! You sound like you could run over an animal and not think twice! Have you ever seen the suctioned baby after the abortion? I have, it's indescribable. Not everyone has abortions at 5 weeks when its looks somewhat inhuman. And then all your bloody gore goes to a lab. And I've seen that too. Do you guys actually think it comes out whole with an easy and swift process? You're truly brainwashed by yourself if you think that. I just read about the 2 ladies that had an abortion with twins and one twin was still alive because it was hiding behind the other in another sac and the missed it! Now that I have never seen and can only imagine how horrible that must be.

Doctors use all this medical terminology to desensitize the subject. So instead of "congratulations, you are 4 months pregnant, you'll be able to see if it's a boy or girl next month" its "you are at 16 weeks gestation. at 20 weeks we can tell you the sex of the fetus" Ask any Doctor, why they do this. People are always going to desensitize they're actions so that they don't feel guilty inside. Just like me saying "IT" in many of my sentences for fear of writing baby because it would hurt to think of it as more than a creature that isn't alive until it takes it's first breath. Or here's a question I've never asked an abortionist, and I'm quite curious. When do you think babies/fetuses are considered alive? Their validity? When is the week that abortions shouldn't be performed?

I don't think it really ever has to do with religion because people ignore it (here's my idea/theory) Since a lot of these people consider themselves believing in a higher power and this power forgives every little sin so they cannot be held accountable in any way. Besides premarital sex was involved some of the time so if that's a sin then whats one more sin of abortion? Then I can be forgiven later? Or it just doesn't fit into my plans right now for my husband and I, God understands. If you're an atheist then do what you want I guess since you have no one to answer to right? (or apply theory to whatever your belief may be)

In the case of science a lot of the issues are still up for a debate. I don't think scientists have the answers anyways. And if they did, they wouldn't tell us for fear of loosing hold on this lucrative, controversial field, and its connection to every other aspect in human life. I mean hangers would probably be back in use and no one wants an emergency situation with a now incontinent woman in the hospital, right? I mean lets say they found it a fact that it's a human life from the point of conception. Would you feel any different about the abortion or would you just be glad you had it before the evidence came out? Any answer to this question would show the type of person you are too. Or if you were raped, you wouldn't be allowed an abortion because it would be a medical proven fact. There's no way scientists will ever tell us the truth.

But I guess some could argue that it's a good thing you had an abortion because that's definitely not one of the qualities of a loving mother, who would want a mom that could so easily kill or even thought about killing me. Or they could say the Earths overpopulated anyways. Or the child could've been the next Charles Manson. Or many people aren't good parents anyways and they should have a license to reproduce. Anyway you look at it these women will be offended and throw as many lines of how hard their decision is, how dare you judge them, it's not a human life, I will be a better mom in the future when I have kids, I hate kids, or it's my body, etc... I don't agree with either side. One day both sides will find out the truth (maybe from a philanthropist scientist as if there's any other kind right?) and say the famous line "I told you so!" LOL

P.S. I think everyone should see the movie 22Weeks (google it) It's not an anti nor pro movie at all. It'll help you with your viewpoints and discover yourself. It's not like the movie Silent Screams... which was the saddest, most horrifying thing I've ever seen.