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On the contrary of the popular belief that women take longer time to become sexually aroused, the new study shows that they take the same amount of time.

It takes between 11 and 12 minutes for healthy young people to become sexually aroused. Researchers from the McGill University in Toronto conducted a study using a technique called thermal imaging technology. The technique uses thermal imaging cameras to determine participants' genital temperature from a distance. The technique measures infrared radiation given off by the body and does not require genital contact.
The study included around 60 twenty-year olds who were played three different kinds of videos: neutral, funny and sexually explicit.

Both boys and girls reached the peak genital temperature during sexually explicit videos while their temperatures haven’t changed as they watched the neutral and funny videos. It took about 11 minutes for men and 12 minutes for women to reach their peak genital temperature.

The participants’ genital temperature matched their own ratings of sexual arousal. More research is about to be done on this topic and it will include older participants.


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