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Hey everyone,

I was hoping you guys would be able to help me, I tried searching but no matter what I do I can't seem to get the search program installed.

I started running every other day about 2 months ago. I started only being able to go about 3/4 a mile, but after a month and a half I could do a pretty comfortable 2 mile run (though with 2 one min breaks to keep my heartrate in a sweet spot). One weekend I went to an alumni thing at my school and missed my run for that day, and when I came back I could only run about a mile and a half before my knees started to hurt bad. I walked the rest figuring it was a fluke, 2 days later I could only run about a mile and a quarter, 2 days after that it was a mile, and just today I was only able to run the route I started on before my knees hurt so bad that I had to stop. After I get home my knees will hurt for hours and swell slightly.

Background: My whole family has bad knees, the cup that the knee cap goes into isn't fully developed for whatever reason, and it relies on the muscles to hold it in place more then usual. I've been to several different doctors about it, and they all seem to have the same responce of "well if it hurts don't do it", but I'd like to avoid ballooning to 250 pounds. I am also in a 'bulking' stage for weight lifting so I have gained ~12 pounds (212 from 200) from when I initially started, but I am only ~3 pounds more then I was when I went to alumni weekend, so I don't know if that extra weight would be the issue.

I really want to keep running, but if this keeps up I won't be able to walk down my driveway without having my knees in bad pain for the rest of the day. Any suggestions?


If your knee is getting progressively worse then you really need to stop the running for a few weeks to give your body time to heal.

You seem to already know the problem so my advice would be get your doctor to refer you to a decent sports physio who can prescribe you with some strengthening exercises for your quads, hamstrings and glutes that should take the pressure off your knee and help with your running.

In the mean time you need to only do non impact exercises like cycling and swimming.

Best of luck with the recovery



Yes, you should stop running and allow your body to heal. Meanwhile how about taking some walks after each meal?