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Let me clarify my " situation." I state that I do not suffer from phimosis or anything like that.

When I have my first erection of the day (for example, when I wake up in the morning), the foreskin completely covers the glans.

Everything changes when, for various reasons (for example if I go to the bathroom to pee), I lower the skin in order to discover the glans totally. In fact, from this point onwards, as soon as I have a new erection my glans partially is able to discover by itself.

How do you explain this ? How come early in the day, with the erection the penis is completely covered, but as soon as I lower my foreskin, from the subsequent erection the glans partially can to discover by itself ?

Also, I have another question. On the internet I found it written that "when the penis is at rest, the glans is generally covered wholly or partially by the foreskin. During erection , however, the extension of the penis can cause the leakage of the glans from foreskin".

This means that with the erection usually glans can be exposed automatically. I know that this does not happen always and in all cases (for example if you have a foreskin very abundant), I would ask:

1) I address to the boys that happens this. When you happen to have erections during the day (for example the "famous" morning erection) isn't annoying to have the glans suddenly in contact with the underwear ?

2) Finally, always considering the guys to which the foreskin retracts by itself, when the penis returns to be flaccid, your foreskin goes to cover the glans automatically or you have to "fix it" with the hand ?


Hi Hunterxhunter:

Foreskins vary in length and retractability. There is no answer that fits everyone.

Also, there is a lot of misinformation about foreskins on the Internet.

Long foreskins usually do not automatically retract when the penis becomes erect.






The foreskin has a layer of muscle tissue in it.  It is called the dartos muscle. This causes it to expand and contract somewhat.