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found some extremely old methocarbamol, no i have not taken any.
10 years old. lol. 2000 it says on the bottle.
the pills look in perfect condition though. it doesnt look like they've changed one bit.
i dont smell any unfamiliar smell.
they are powdery on the outside when you touch them with your fingers.
just wanna know if i ever had "pains" anytime in the future,
if 10 year old methocarbamols will kill me or not.
let me know.



Throw it out. It MAY not kill you but it probably won't do anything either.

Look at it like this...

A friend calls you over. "Hey, I just found a bag of chips (crisps) behind the couch." "Oh, the expiration date is 2000." (Open bag) "Hmm, they smell OK." "Want to eat one?"

Would you?

Not a good idea.