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Need help-been dealing with skin disorder for 2 mos. On vacation in June to virginia, came back itchy. In july went to beach. Started getting bit about July 12-15 week and presented to hospital with migraine about the same time. . Continued to get bit so had house bombed no signs of bed bugs and had dog treated no signs of fleas or mange. continued to get bit -tiny tiny white things that burrow under skin with magnifiying glass. (could be larvae?) doctor did not skin scrape but treated for scabies - 2 doses of Elimite and stromectin. Helped for a white but still itchy. Continued to get bit or at least thought so and started to get allergic reaction to bites with tingling and pain in the joints. Been to doctor 2x and emergency room 2x trying to diagnose this-have no idea. one skin scrape by pa revealed nothing. Took son to emergency room for car accident and came back itchy from hospital-(same as migraine-concidental?)
This thing burrow under skin and bites with little pin pricks and my body is really being affected with joint pain. I am seeking counseling -BUT THIS IS NOT IN MY HEAD. WHERE DO i GO FROM HERE-i AM VERY FRUSTRATED AND REALLY DONT KNOW WHERE TO GO.


What kind of doctors have you seen? Have you had an allergy test? If you're having an allergic reaction or really anything that is causing such a physical reaction I would imagine can cause your migraines as well. Maybe try an infectious disease doctor or any doctor who could specialize more in like parasitic infections? This would probably need a stool sample. I have never experienced or known anyone to experience what you are speaking of, but I have experienced what has shown me doctors definitely don't know everything. I would try to do a little bit of research on the internet, look into parasites like I recommended, and maybe find out a little more about what kind of doctor could help you with this or what kind of tests they should perform on you.

If it's not something actually biting you or burrowing under your skin and is just causing like a skin reaction or hives, it could be something you are consistently coming into contact with and do not know you are allergic to. Such as a laundry detergent you are using or a material in your clothes or bedding, or even a medication. Try to think about what has changed in your life since all this has began. Good luck


It's been a few months. Did you ever figure out what it was? Are you okay now? ?


I have had scabies for several weeks and I am getting better.
AND no one in my home has gotten it from me!

I went to a dermatologist after I made my self diagnosis and he confirmed my diagnoses of scabies and prescribed permethrin insecticide -
I only use natural meds and won't put that on me and I read that it no longer has a 100% success rate - scabies are becoming immune to it -- and people get sick and sometimes DIE from the side effects !

so I did some research and found the Neem Recipe is 97 % effective. with NO side effects. Do your own research for understanding.

It is URGENT that you be completely impeccable and fierce with your treatment -- I did this as if I was at war and fighting for my life ( after reading posts about people having this for years-- NO WAY AM I DOING THAT!)

I don't know what worked and what didn’t.
I did a lot of different things but I am feeling better -- like I am winning -- and i Think in another week I will be completely well and healed up.
Here is what I did to treat 1 person -- you may need more oil to treat many:

I purchased virgin organic ( when ever possible ) oils and powders and mixed up a recipe to kill the scabies and care for my skin.

Neem oil 16oz bottle
Turmeric oil 8 oz bottle
Turmeric powder -- small shaker form spice store or health food store
Balsam oil 8 oz bottle
Coconut oil- large amount for mixing - use EXTRA VIRGIN ORGANIC
Tea Tree oil -- you only need a little but I bought a quart for future use
Oregano oil - you only need a little
Peppermint oil -- you only need a little

The two most important ingredients are Neem and Tumeric

Get some empty plastic bottles with sprayers so you can do you own back-

The recipe is 4 parts of Neem to 1 part of Turmeric.

that’s the base -- I added to this about 1 oz balsam, 2 oz liquid coconut oil as a carrier oil, a few drops ( 15 ) of peppermint to make it cooling and soothe my skin, a few drops of tea tree oil ( 15 ) for additional antiseptic properties.

I shake this all in bottle and use this for my morning and nightly treatment

I also purchased 10 boxes of BORAX and 20 quart bottles of Hydrogen Peroxide. And 5 bars of tee tree oil soap.

buy 3 pairs of scrubby shower gloves/ bath gloves and a natural bristle bath brush for your back. So you can wash the gloves after each use.

Buy Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth -

buy dark colored cheap extra bed sheets and pillow cases and cheap blankets. and rubber gloves for anyone who helps you.

Here are the rules:
never wear anything twice.
never use a sheet, pillow case or blanket twice
if you sit on something or touch your body to it -- treat it for scabies or Cover it for a week with an extra sheet blanket or plastic drop cloth
Including rugs or carpeting.
Don't touch anyone until you are completely healed
don't let anything dirty touch anything clean.
keep every ones nails short

you can sprinkle Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth on all the surfaces in your home and your pets and people. It is like white flour and you will be able to clean it up when you are done healing. This powdery earth will kill any bugs or scabies that come in contact with it and will NOT hurt you or your pets pr children. Put it on everything. You can even take a spoon of it in water each day to kill any other parasites you may have. do your own research when you order it.

Every day I started by putting all sheets, towels and clothing in the wash -- very hot water wash, I added some borax and non scented detergent, dry on hot for 90 minutes.

I made up a clean bed ( you can dust it with Diatomaceous Earth too) and I put an extra sheet on top of it all in case I wanted to lie down for a rest and not have to change the whole bed ( I was exhausted) after I got up -- the sheet went into the wash ( or into a black bag for washing )

KEEP ANYTHING TOUCHED OR DIRTY IN A SEPARATE BAG - do not recontaminate - or you will never get rid of the scabies

First thing in the morning --Get in a tepid shower and use tea tree oil soap. Put on s


Humm....tea tree oil is good but " Pure wild oregano oil" work with wonders.
Borax with hydrogen pero 3% with water waorks like a crazy.

that's all you need.... but make sure vacume & clean all your room & floor & make sure fumigate your room twice a month or so & wash all the clothes with detergent & vineger & baking soda. if you can use a bleach use it. good luck