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Had my tonsils removed 11 days ago. Back at work at my desk today. The first 3-5 days were the worst, and the most pain came from sneezing. If you can avoid sneezing, do so at all costs.

It has only been in the last two days that I've been able to open my mouth enough to take a look back there. Looks fine to me.

I had no bleed outs and no emergencies.

The only thing that bothered me was the constant need to spit, all the time, especially days 5-8. I had to carry around a towel to spit in, pretty gross.

I probably didn't drink nearly as much water as I should have but found ways to get calories, such as mixing apple juice and bananas in a blender.

Ice chips are a life saver and nice to suck on. Mostly I just wanted to sleep and eat. I hated watching TV because you can't watch tv for 30 minutes without seeing food. And then you get cravings and get to each jello. Not fun.

I slept really well the first few nights but around 6-7 I had a couple nights of bad sleep, but that wasn't terrible. I soaked in warm baths and tried not to do too much.

More than anything, I felt really weak the first few days after the surgery, so days 2-5. But now I am back at my office working and feeling fine. Still not eating any hard foods, and I wouldn't recommend hard foods to anyone until probably 12-15 days after the surgery. You don't want to tear anything open.

I didn't see any scabs fall out, but I could feel them. It felt like popcorn was stuck in my throat. If you are going to chance it and eat food you shouldn't go slow! For me the hardest part was swallowing. It became so much work that I just gave up. But I feel fine now, although sneezing still flippin hurts!

I've seen other people talk about a nasty taste from the scabs, I didn't have this. I also got a RX mouth wash from my doctor that is supposed to help with that and keep your mouth clean. I don't know if that is why I didn't get the nasty taste, but it helped.

I didn't brush my teeth most of the days I was out, it was just too much work to keep my mouth open long enough. I still can't gargle, but I am sure that will come with time.

Stay away from orange juice or anything acidic, it will hurt.

I didn't really talk much until day 7, but today, day 11, my voice is almost back. I find myself having to pause from time to time to re-wet my throat but I was able to deliver a 30 minute webinar without many problems this morning.

The worst part of the actual surgery was the hand IV, I think she did it wrong because it hurt more than anything else.

When it came time for the surgery, I had to give a pregnancy test to make sure I wasn't prego before they put me under. Guess it is a liability thing?

Then I woke up, apparently asked if they had done my surgery and that was it.

Good luck with your surgery and recovery! Just remember, your body is healing, don't rush anything.


My doctor told me to try eating foods right away. It would speed up my recovery. on day 2 i foreced myself to eat a hamburger (bun and meat only) and I have tried chicken nuggets. I am on day 5 and feel fine other than pain in my ear right before my medicine dose. Today is day 6 and I am thinking about going to work tomorrow and packing a normal lunch. Only thing that bothers me is to talk a lot.


Also, My Dr said to not eat any dairy based ice cream and to try things like popsicles. I truely believe that forcing myself to eat as much normal food really sped up the healing process just like my Dr said it would.