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i think i have anger problems bcuse
I get annoyed over the slighest thing and i just lose it what i find i throw and smash, punch holes in the wall and slam doors >:( i really dont know what to do i try counting to 10 but it just doesnt work? I hope i dont have ODD OR ADD as autism runs in the family

Any one got suggestions on what to do or control it
Thanks x


Is there a favorite spot or place for you to relax?

For example, sit outside looking at the sunset that makes me feel relax. It also makes me relax when I look at many trees in my backyard like a daydream. ;-)


I have some troubles with anger too, and it can be stressful and affect the family, and it is tough to control it sometimes. The key thing is trying to control it, no matter how difficult it may be. Its about finding an outlet that lets you express your anger in a less harmful way. For me sometimes the same thing doesn't even work twice to calm me down. I like to write poems, music, or sometimes just write my thoughts. It sounds tacky but its an outlet of expression without being damaging. Sometimes when I get angry and I feel like smashing something I just think about things that I own whether its my phone, computer or TV I just think 'how would I feel if I smashed that?' .. you wouldn't feel so good about it, and its just a way of stopping yourself from smashing or breaking anything. Sometimes this works, others it doesn't, but I use breathing to calm down. just taking deep breaths helps me stay calm. Other times when I get so angry its just blind rage I go down to the basement and just unload on my punching bag rather than a wall.

I've had some serious problems with my anger and have seen a counselor a few times. He told me that anger is a secondary reaction; in that anger is the never the first response. The initial response is usually shock, fear, surprise or even frustration. The important thing is to think about and realize... "is it worth getting mad about?" it's incredibly tough and takes time but it's worth it in the long run. You may not realize it but your anger hurts your family and those you love, even though you may not think about it

I have realized that I get angry at things that aren't ever worth getting angry at.. I won't get into detail or example but it seems like you may be going through some of the same things... the biggest thing is before you get angry.. think about it.. most likely its really not even worth getting mad about

I hope this helps :-)