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I weigh around 200 pounds and I can't lose wight no body has fath in me and what can a 12 year old do please respond


dnt let anyone get u down i think u can do it. but u have to be mentally and physically  ready. first if you want to stop gaining weight try stop drinking soda pop,drink water and juice and gatorade. next stop eating so much junk food that will get you fatter and its not good for you that will give u diabetes, you can have clogged artiers, it will cause you to have breathing problems,and it can give you a heart attack. next you have to believe in yourself and not let anyone hold you back by their comments like "o ur fat u will always b fat","u cnt do it porky" and etc,you can do it if you really want to badly. next do more work around the house and when u wake up in the morning do a little exercise in the morning like 20 sit ups, 20 push ups, 20 jumping jacks,20 lunges, do 30 secs of touching ur toes, stretch and rest for 2 mins or whenever you ready and go on about ur day. also go outside and walk around the block a few times and do more outside play dnt b in front of the tv playing games and watching tv, i understand walking around is boring well u can just bring a book with u and read it or do stuff on ur phone. and the most important thing you do is a diet,yes a diet u need a diet so u can lose weight. cut down on the food you eat even when u eat a salad with for dinner it WNT help if you eat alot of meat and alot of bread and etc,go to ur doctor and ask him to help you with ur diet plan or go look up how much you should eat all the three times of the day. if you do all of ths EVERYDAY you will lose weight. u can eat a little junk food like get u a bag of small chips once every two weeks and drink 1 pop every month ,a small can of pop, u kno not like one bag of $5 bag of chips and eat the whole bag in one day and say thats all im gonna eat for the whole month, well u might as well say forget the diet. but just eat alttle of junk food like i said. you will b fine just dnt do ths weight losing thing for ur family do it for U and i mean only U. i heard ths story from my cousin who trynna lose weight also told me ths lady she know stop drinking soda pop she lost 70 pounds,70 POUNDS, if she can do it you can do it believe in yourself and try ur best and dnt slack. also u can go to a gym like planet fitness if you have one around u ,u like pay $10-30 a month. of bye workout vidoes like insanity or watever. and get whatever a gym have like dun bells and ect.well i hope ths helps you good luck! :)