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Hi, I am so sick of being fat! I am at least 20 kilograms overweight, and I have to do something about it. I am watching every day on TV those commercials with miracle products, and I am not stupid, I know it’s not as easy as they say, but I will give my best. I am starting a diet, not tomorrow but this very moment. I had to share it with you guys, thanks for listening.


If it means anything to you, your enthusiasm inspired me, and I am willing to follow you. I don’t want to be fat anymore, and I am on diet since this moment. I don’t know how long will I be able to cope with the hunger and exercises, but at least I am willing to try. I was anxious for a long time because I knew I had a problem. I was ignoring this problem because I was too scared of the effort that I had to make. However, that is about to change! I am sick of being fat, and will no longer be. I heard that medicines could help losing weight, and if my doctor says it’s safe, I will try it. Why not? I am obese, and I don’t think that it will be easy to lose all those pounds.


hiya, my guy is over weight and so am i but uno what i think we look great and im sure you do too! dont forget if ever you feel upset about your weight i think you look amazing even if you have boils all over or weighing over a thousand stone! trust me and i think you are fabulose to even try loseing weight, im too lazy hehe. have a great day xxxxxxxx


Thinking that you look great is all good for when their isnt other people to judge you. People say that looks dont matter but the sad truth is that they do. I think im overweight my scals arnt workign atm but the last time i checked i was about 7 stone and im 1.5 metres tall and 15 years old. Anyway heres my story.

1 month ago i decided that i didnt want people to call me fat any more i was fed up of it! And i knew girls woudl not go out with soem overweight short person so i decided to do something about it. With nothing but willpower and a forum i decided i would loes soem weight. So i went onto my very own diet XD i gave myself a rough plan what i would do was eat less crisps / choc and do a little exercise.

My normal days food before the diet was.

Morening = Nothing

10 am (school register) = A choc bar or cake bar what came to about 200 Cals.

Lunch = 1 choc bar, 1 cake bar, 1 packet of crisps, 1 fizzy drink, 1 sandwich normaly ham.

Dinner = Normaly chicken with chips.

So i decide to cut back on all choc and crips and try to have somethign more healthy for dinner instead of just chicken and chips. So now i have.

Lunch = ceral normaly cornflakes.

10 am = Nothing ( helps alot with breakfast) Since breakfast can be healthy and it means that i am not eating a choc bar. This ment that i coudl cut down on my lunch.

Lunch = 1 choc bar, 1 bottel of water, 1 sandwich, 2 fruits of my choice ( aplles, oranges you name it)

Dinner = Chicken adn chips, Pitterbreads with cucumber, tamatoes, pickeled onion, bacon (need some fat)

Sometimes i now have a desert = 1 bowl of fruit salade ( made out of orage juice, pianaple, apples, pear, grapes and melon.) I surgest that you make some of this or ask your mums / dads. As they are great for your health also and stop you from having a midnight snack (choc) :-D

I now also might do a little bit of exercise aday sometimes 10 min on the tramperleane playing with my brothers jumping around, and 10 min on the exercise bike.

So i know before my diet i was eating around 2000 cal no exercise ( this is the normal mans intake) if you dont wanan loes weight.

And now i have about 1000 cals with exercise .

My plan was to cut down on chocs/cisps adn eat healther and i have.

After 1 month i have had 2 people say i look thiner. My MuM.

And read this the kid that use to call me a fat umplumpa ( of charly and the choc factory) said dam i cant call you a umplumpa any more as your nto as fat ill have to think of a new name Midget.


Take a dive try to cut down it sure as hell is worth it!

Dam long text


thats great and i think your amazing for doin that.xxxxxxxx