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Hi,right so basically I'm thirteen and female. Where I live there is a lot of cannabis around and most of my friends are on tobacco, but my friend recently had smoked weed and tobacco together and she loved it, I've done smoking before so it's nothing knew but my parents don't know or they would send me to bourding school. And I don't want that. but I'm really tempted to have weed?and I'm obsessed with bob Marley and he's influenced me in a big way,should I try it?and what will it do to me? It won't be a regular thing because I won't be able to get away with it..should I start?


No!!!! U will just ruin life finish school get an education do no get addicted to weed bec then u are done!!!!!


Hey Thewildone,


TBH, I wouldn't advise it. I started smoking at 11 and soon afterwards, was convinced I came from the planet pluto and could speak to dead people (I'm being absolutely serious here). Even the mother of the girl who supplied it to us thought I was nuts....and I was. I've suffered with mental health problems ever since, yet it was only in my 30's that I was able to connect the start of my cannabis use to my psychotic delusions.


I'm ok now- I manage with a personality disorder and I've narrowly avoided schizophrenia (I have a schizoid-avoidant personality disorder), yet it doesn't mean I won't develop it later on in life.


The thing with cannabis is that it's like russian roulette; you could smoke & be absolutely fine, but there's also a chance that it could (a) ruin your memory (b) make you paranoid (c)spark off psycholotic delusions- and these may last for hours, days or weeks afterwards.


Your brain is still growing & developing- let it do that. If you choose to experiment as a functioning adult, then that's your perogative. But as a child- a growing, developing person with a huge amount of potential in life- you are best sticking to experimenting with sugar.


Take it from someone who wishes she'd never taken her first puff.


Good luck & I hope you make the right decission.