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So first of all this is my first post and it going to start with a problem of mine...

Ive been smoking tobacco for over a year now...About 4 months i started smoking cannabis...I started with hash (bad quality in the beggining) and then moved over to actual weed although i still bought some strong hash to mix with the weed... (Good times)

A month ago i decided to stop smoking tobacco because it was affecting my general health...I would get tired very easily and such... So i thought why not stop smoking cannabis too?

Well im clean for almost 2 weeks now and its been hard...It got very bad 4 days ago when i had a panic attack...Since then my heart rate is always at the 80´s 90´s...I feel tired and my eyes are as red as i had just smoked a fat one...(which i didnt <_<)

Its very hard to fall asleep with the heart rate that i have...You just cant rest with your heart beating 90 times per minute...

That leads to anxiety which leads to more panic and i almost had another panic attack last night but fortunatly i can control myself better now...

Now this is whats been troubling me...From what withdrawal am i suffering? Tobacco or Cannabis? Its very hard to tell because most of the times i smoked both at the same time...

I just cant believe i could get physical symptoms after only 4 months of smoking pot...Although i did smoke daily and alot...I would smoke 3 to 4 joints a day some weeks...

So what do you think? Would like to hear some thoughts about this.


 I think you are withdrawaling from both but in my opinion potent cannabis withdrawal for daily smokers is hell. Panic attacks and hart racing, i feel this too and a lot of hypochondria and i still smoke cigarettes. I never liked to mix weed with tabacco, i like the pure taste of skunk.

Tabacco is usually easy to stop BUT the problem is: cravings. So tabacco is the easiest drug to quit but the easiest to go back using. You smoked tabacco for 1 year so stop now...more time you smoke, more hard will be to stop completely in the future.



I have no cravings for either cannabis or tabacco...Although i am thinking of going back to tabacco so it can relieve the stress and anxiety the cannabis withdrawal is doing...Not sure if it works but its sounds like a good idea...

I mixed tabacco with hash because sometimes i would be out of weed and since i always had tabacco i would do a tabacco and hash joint.


Yeah, Hash needs tobacco. But if you are quitting hash and weed, why don´t you try to stop tobacco together? I know that tobacco will help or give an illusion of relief for the cravings to cannabis but the problem is stop tobacco later. I´m saying what i think it´s the best to do in your case but I know that it´s easy to say but not easy to do.


I think some of what might be in my post will be irrelavent to the original post in this thread. However, I'm a new user and I can't seem to post a new thread, until I have '3 bonus posts'...and I don't know what they are!!

I'm a cannabis & tobacco addict. Smoked cigarettes from age 11 to 30, then moved on to roll-ups, as it was cheaper. Weed- 1st smoked at age 11 and smoked regularly with friends. I started having delusions about a year later and eventually tried to commit suicide at age 14. Although, at the time, cannabis and psychosis were not linked; in hindsight, smoking could have been the 'enlightener' of a lot of long-term mental health problems. Carried on smoking weed until I was 19, then didn't smoke properly again until I was 23 (the odd toke in that time- nothing more). Started smoking regularly again, until I found out I was pregnant. I stopped the weed immediately, cut down on the cigarettes and stopped smoking by week 20 of my pregnancy.

As soon as my son was born, I went straight back to the cigarettes, but didn't touch weed again for another 2 years.

I returned to it after I was diagnosed with severe post-natal depression. I tried a variety of legal meds, but I would either sleep for around 16 hours a day or feel flat & emotionless. With anti-depressants, there is usually a time period of 4-6 weeks between medications when one anti is coming out the system and the other is starting to work. It was in this time between an anti-psychotic medication and an anti-depressant that I went back to cannabis. I couldn't eat or sleep and was spending most of my time crying, pulling my hair out & scratching at my skin, when my cousin offered me a spliff. I took it and within an hour, my house was clean, I was cooking and I was laughing.

That was over 9 years ago & I haven't looked back.

In the 9 years I've been an everyday 'toker' (anywhere between 5 and 10 spliffs a day), I've gone back to college & got my G.C.S.E's & A-Levels (never got them at school because of my mental health problems) and got a batchelors degree with honours in....(ironically!) Psychology! I now teach the subject to undergraduates. I didn't steal, borrow or cheat for my habit- I didn't have to; I kept within a certain price amount each week (£20-£40, depending on cash flow & circumstances) and if by chance I didn't have the money, I did without.

Yet doing without was hell. I would be coming up to my last spliff and I would get moody, irrational and depressed. I constantly justified my habit- I don't drink alcohol very often, don't go out partying or enjoy shopping, so it's easy to come up with the line "It's my only vice" or "At least I'm not an alcoholic- I'd spend more if I went out every weekend".

As a regular toker, I don't get stoned anymore; I don't get the munchies or sit monged watching the T.V. I don't laugh at everything or ramble on and lose track of what I was saying. I also don't smoke with friends- I'm a lone smoker. I smoke and clean or write. In fact, when smoking M.J, cleaning is my favourite hobby and generally, I can't sit still for long when I smoke.

Only one of my friends is a toker- a supposedly typical one albeit- and it was a standing joke that she would invite me around when her house was a mess; offer me a spliff and hand me sponges and bleach to attack her house with.

And since the post-natal depression, I've looked at my habit as some kind of saviour. I've changed so much as a person. I used to be neurotic- hated cats, heights, doing anything on my own. I was also very dependent on people- my mother, more than anyone, but in relationships too.

I'm not like that anymore; I don't have any irrational fears (except maggots!) and now have 6 cats. I've also lost my person-dependent nature and instead swapped it for a dismissive attachment style (which is not really much healthier, but certainly different!)- I'm painfully independent. I have to do everything myself without asking for help.

But there's been an evil side to the cannabis addiction and from reading some posts on here, I see I'm not alone in experiencing them. I plan my day & finances around weed; I feel like that by giving it up, I'll be losing some of my identity...and I also fear that I will go back to feeling how I did all those years ago.

I gave up for 5 months once, over 5 years ago. I was saving up for a holiday for me and my child, and was so determined to afford the holiday, I gave up the weed. The physical & psychological withdrawals were sheer hell. I sweated, threw-up, developed paranoia, would break down in tears frequently, couldn't eat or sleep.

However, I feel as if I'm ready to give up again now- and for good. In the past 5 years, I've grown and developed more than I could anticipate and I feel as if weed has outlived its welcome in my life. I absolutely hate this habit and while its had its benefits, it's also been a thorn in my side for the past 9 years and sometimes, I think the legal anti's were easier to come off of.

I've lost my social life through this weed addiction. I don't want people in my house, in case they smell it; I get paranoid if I suspect someone can tell that I'm under the influence; I lose words when I'm talking to people and can't think of what to say next to them and most of all, I'm embarrased by it. I don't like having to admit that I'm controlled by something other than my own mind.

I don't sleep; while the weed makes me feel euphoric and balanced, it also makes me feel sluggish, thus, I drink lots and lots of coffee.

For some, weed can be recreational and there are no side effects, yet despite the pro-cannabis crowd screaming that it does no harm- it does. It really bloody does! Smoking weed is like russian roulette- you could turn in to an addict, but you might not....and it's not worth taking the risk in finding out!

I've got a plan. I can't cut down- tried that! If it's in the house, I smoke it. So I'm going cold-turkey. I've done my research & through experience, I know what to expect. It's just getting to that point where I'm craving and adamantly justifying why I should give in........