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my 14 year old daughter has had nausea and upper stomach ache for two weeks now and its really getting her down.she is urinating more often but is slightly more thirsty than usual so i put it down to that. her stomach is constantly making acidic rumbles and she has lost her appetite now which is making it worse. she had shaky hands after exercise which went weak making her drop a glass because she couldnt grip it, but she had this problem with her hands at school today when she wasnt exercising. i cant find an explanation for shakes nausea and stomach ache ! i would be so gratefull and relieved if anybody can help explain these symptoms .thanx


Hi Lizzy,

Take your daughter to her doctor, now.

Two weeks is a very long time for her to have any form of abdominal pain.  There is a long list of things that can cause this.  It could indicate pancreas or liver problems.  Diabetes is also a possibility - with gastroparesis occurring.

Without an exam we can only guess.

Good luck, please keep us posted.