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my mom has pancreatic cancer for the pass week she has had stomach quivers and hiccups they gave her compazine and the hiccups have gone away but she still has the stomach quivers ( shakes) and their not going away even when she is sleep. can you help pleasemelony



I know that pancreatic cancer has many symptoms and that digestive problems are often noticed when patient has this cancer. I know that problem with appetite and weight loss are eminent in almost every case. Also pain and discomfort are noticeable in upper part of your abdomen. This often happens because of indigestion of food so you have to do something on your digestive problem so your stomach problems will go away, at least for some time. You have to treat the cancer in order to get rid of the stomach problems completely. What kind of therapy are you using right now? I hope that this helped you a bit.

Good luck,