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I posted this yesterday but i cannot find it so im posting another...

Will i ever hit it?

and penis size?


Hi Guest

You will definitely hit puberty it is hard to say when but being 15 it should happen soon enough everyone grows and develops at different rates and times for some it can start as early as 11 and others can be as late as 16 or older.

When you do hit puberty and go through all the changes associated with it your penis will grow as well.

It is a little frustrating and concerning when your friends and classmates are developing ahead of you but when your body is ready it will happen.

You’re just a late bloomer and that is very common it does not mean there is anything wrong it is just delayed puberty.

Do you have any signs of it starting like a bit of pubic hair or anything?

If you search for the Tanner puberty scale there is a quiz on there you can do to see what stage your at and there is information on growth and development.



I have very dark testicals and hair on them, that's all
noting at the base of my penis or deeper voice


That means it has just started so the changes you are hoping for will happen as you continue to grow and develop how long it takes or what the end result will be is hard to predict.
The changes during puberty can be pretty subtle but you will notice pubic hair starting and if not all ready you will grow taller the voice will start to change along with a lot of other changes.
You are developing just as you should be but with maybe just a bit of a late start.
The Tanner scale is worth checking out.