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Hi, im 13 years old and im gonna be 14 on april.i have no hair on my armpits i have got large amounts of hair in my testicles area i have also shaved them a lot of times.i have medium amount of hair in my penis area, ive also shaved them a lot of height is four penis is about 4 inches long when errect.i am worried about my puberty please tell me.


Hi Anonymous

You have definitely started puberty confirmed by the pubic hair you have.

As you continue to grow and develop the armpit hair will grow along with all the other changes associated with puberty it is hard to predict when things will happen or what the end result will be as everyone grows and develops at different rates and times.

Your penis size is just fine for your age and it will also grow and your height will increase as well.

If you search the for the Tanner puberty scale and do the quiz it will tell you what stage of puberty you are in along with provide you with information on growth and development.

It sounds like you are developing just as you should be no need to worry.