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I'm not concerned about size or anything, but I need to know when my penis will start to grow, I'll give all my signs and missing signs of puberty I can think of.

I'm 15 years old.

It's 3.5 inches in girth and length exactly.

My voice hasn't changed much at all since I was younger.

I'm not overweight at all but I've got a pretty big amount of fat on my chest yet nowhere else(man boobs), I also have little to no muscle definition.

I look like 12ish in my face according to polling a lot of people including my family and my own personal opinion.

I'm 5'3

Of my body hair, I have had some soft "baby hair" in my armpits and shaft area since about 13ish, and since about 6ish months or so I now have the curly, coarse, dark hair in both areas, but little enough to count if you were determined.

My body odor is god-awful if I don't keep it under control.

There's acne on my hairline and some on my nose and eyebrows area.


Simply, I want to have a rough estimate on when my penis will start to grow at a fast rate, or perhaps an estimate on when I'll be in the 5.5 inch length and 4 inch girth area assuming that I'll have something around 7inch length 4.5inch girth based on my family.

A bonus question would be when will I start getting taller, more muscle defined, and deeper voiced?


Hi Guest,

You are normal.

Unfortunately nobody can tell you when things will happen.  We all develop at different rates/times.  Your penis can grow into your early 20's.

Usually you'll hit a growth spurt between 15-16, sometimes later.  When that happens things will change fast.

Hang in there.



Hi Guest

It sounds like you are well into puberty and developing just as you should be.

The answers to your questions are kind of difficult since everyone grows and develops at different rates and times so figuring out when it will happen or what the end result will be is very hard to predict.

You are far from being done growing and the changes you are hoping for will happen but when they happen and how much the changes are is hard to say.

People come in all sizes and the same is true about the penis if others are well endowed in your family hopefully that will be the case for you as well and the height of your other family members could give you some indication of how tall you might be.

If you search for the Tanner puberty scale and do the quiz it will give you an idea of where you are in puberty and what to expect.