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I am 14 almost 15 and I do not know if I have hit puberty. My voice is slightly deeper I have gotten stronger but I have not shed any fat. my penis is 3.5 inches and I have pubic hair which I have shaved a lot and I can ejaculate but my penis and testicles have not grown at all. can someone tell me if I am almost hit puberty or if there is something wrong with me?



You have definitely started puberty the pubic hair being able to ejaculate and the voice starting to change confirms that you are well into puberty.

You still have lots of time to grow and develop and your penis and testicles will grow how long it will take or what the end result will be is hard to predict as everyone grows and develops at different rates and times.

If you search for the Tanner puberty scale and do the quiz it will tell you what stage of puberty you are in along with give you information on growth and development.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with you it sounds like you are developing just as you should be.