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im 15 and 5'5.5 and i weigh 190 is that good?


Hello nella,

For your height, the weight of 190 pounds, according to the calculated body mass index score based on both your height and weight, is too much. You scored 31.6 which puts you in the obese category and in order to prevent any future health problems that might be caused directly by obesity such as diabetes type II, high blood pressure or heart problems, you need a good and thorough weight loss plan. It would even make sense to talk to your physician to see if you have all the requirements for weight loss pills such as duromine, that help you control your appetite,

Wish you all the best,




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body mass index (BMI) can often be misleading, and much more things should be calculated into body mass - how much muscles you have etc. However, BMI usually is relatively good indicator whether you're overweight or even obese.  

I do agree with Nicole. I would say you are overweight and all possible threats - like diabetes type 2 are around the corner, if not already there. With this weight you probably have at least slightly higher blood sugar .. or maybe not, but you are definitely on a good way to getting high blood sugar.  

BUT, don't let us scare you :) This is a perfect timing to start making changes. I assume in your case - your weight has a lot to do with your diet, and probably lack or no exercise at all... And of course there are genes- what your mom and dad look like, but to some degree genes can be tricked into making the best of you. Diet is 70%, exercise is 30% of success. 

I would love to help you get better eating habits and start exercising - slowly getting there.  

What do you usually eat?  How does your typical menu during the day look like? Include snacks, fruits and everything that you drink - juices, energy drinks etc. 

Let us know if you need help! I would love to give you advice! xox