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Im 13 and I'm 100 pounds . I'm 5 foot and I dance 4 days a week 10+ hours a week competitively. I also do pointe so it helps my thighs become smaller. What else can I do? I feel fat even though all my friends call me perfect and skinny. Help! Am I normal?!


Hello, the best way for you to check if you are "normal" is to calculate your body mass index. You can find BMI calculators for free on the internet. And once you find it you type in you age, height and weight and it tells you whats you body mass index. That way you can now how much weight you can loose  or gain and still stay in normal weight range. You can also see how much weight you need to loose to be underweight or how much weight can you gain untill you become overweight. Pretty cool thing. 

I dont see the reason you would think you are fat when your friends tell you that you are perfect. I mean, how would you feel if they called you fat? Skinny?

Hope this helps