Im eighteen, about 8 months ago i scolded myself, during the healing process i got an infection and my lymph node swelled up on one side of my neck.

At first it was large and hard, but as the little spots where i scolded myself went, it got smaller. 

To this day i still have a small painless lump on the right side of my neck, but two days ago i started coughing up blood. I have done it about ten times since then. The side of my neck with the lump is extremely sore and even getting to sleep my neck feels tight/sore.


I have a doctors appointment on the 24th, but im 18 and i really dont know what to expect or to do. It all sounds really worrying, and putting the symptoms in searches gives me a nice '1 theory found - throat cancer'.

Has anyone had anything like this. Could this be the infection coming back or should it have cleared by now or...