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Our 18 month old son has a red itchy rash on his face. Benadryl seems to help, but is there a way to stop his itchy skin so he can sleep? All other symptoms are negative, he is eating well, has good energy, and all is well escept for some diaper rash. Help a Dad out please!


Rashes are very common for newborns and infants. Usually they are signs of some irritation like diaper rash which is caused by Candida fungus and the treatment is to try to keep the places where the rash appears dry. If you are worried, but since there is no fever and any other symptom of some serious condition, you could visit your pediatrician and check if everything is ok. But rash only isn’t sign of anything serious so just try to relieve itching sensation with some baby powder or some other remedy.

Let us know how long did the rash lasted and what was the best way of getting rid of it. Providing this information is always useful for other parents as well.