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Hi my 11 year old so has always had problems with bedwetting and would wet the bed practically every night. We saw doctors over the years and did our best to deal with this but nothing seemed to work until the start of this year when he suddenly started to have more and more dry nights out of nowhere which we thought was brilliant. His progress continued and for a couple of months he had practically no wet nights, we stopped buying the drynites pull ups and we thought he had finally conquered this problem. Then at the end of last month he had several wet nights in a row again, we tried to take this as a blip but since then he has been having accidents almost every night again and we have had to put him back in the drynites nappies.

This feels like a major setback and we are now back to just having to wait for it to stop again.


Hi Guest

Bed wetting can be a difficult problem to deal with and overcome.
He probably just needs more time to grow out it with being dry for awhile it's really encouraging that in time he will stop.
He probably feels bad about wetting most nights again and having to go back to wearing drynites
for now giving him support and understanding is about all you can do.
Reassurance that bed wetting is a medical problem and that it's not his fault hopefully helps him to understand he can't help it.
Sometimes if he is stressed out about something that can trigger it as well even worrying about wetting the bed can make it worse.
For some people that have had problems with bed wetting in the past starting puberty can trigger it as well.
He no doubt feels this is a major setback as well for now it's just managing the bed wetting by wearing drynites and giving him lots of support.
Hopefully soon the dry nights start happening again and he just needs more time to grow out of it.