I am not sure..if i have multiple sclerosis yet :( I had gotten a MRI done and they found (white matter scattered lesions) in the brain. I am suffering from over 15+ symptoms. I am very worried because lately my heart-rate has been so high. I feel like im heading for a heart-attack-stroke-. I have dizziness for about 2 months now its more of a (side to side) motion. I also have very bad eyes,when i went to the doctor i was told i had a "enlarged optic nerve" i am thinking if i have "optic neritis" getting my eyes checked on the 7th. But..i suffer from very BAD eye pressure,sometimes i see black halos,dots. my eyes our swollen and saggy. I also been suffering from SEVERE insomnia. I am taking trazodone but i feel like that doesnt work either. when i stand up i feel like i am going to faint or pass out. I suffer from constant head pressure in the very back of my head. BACK PAIN constant :( tingiling,weakness,fatigue,weight gain,chest pain,back pain,muscle cramps. I have been having alot of breakdowns-crying..I have never been the same sence i had gotten MONO,doctor gave me amoxocillin and then i ended up getting hives. and that was in may. but even now when i take a shower my legs turn purple/red like i see little white spots in between. (when i take hot shower)..PLEASE PLEASE i am very desperete for answers. On here i am going to see a nerologist on the 19th. I cant do this anymore. I feel like i got some kind of disease with MS. my neck hurts..and my jaw. and i also get hot-cold-temperature changes. I gotta Urine alot. I know this is all part of MS BUT I AM WORRIED this is something MORE, Like inflamation in the brain!