Hello everyone,

I had developed RVF due to a 4th degree laceration cause by episiotomy 3 months ago. I had my 1st repair surgery 2 months after delivery. My hole was small and low position. I had two specialists checked before went on surgery. Both specialists believe it's an easy job. I then chose to fly from New York to Dallas to try to have it repaired by 1 time. The surgeon was a gynecologist. The surgery went smoothly and was done in less 1 hour. But fix completely broke down only 4 days after the operation.

It was painful. I cannot see hope of life right now. I am looking for a new dr. The experience I wanted to share with you was that the pre-op and post-op care are essentially important for this type of surgery. My dr. was only focused on the operation itself. He was so confident that I did not need any post surgery follow up. Apparently, I chose wrong dr. who's not experienced in this type of problem, even he has proved track of records showing lots of experiences in this field.

My hole was getting bigger than ever before after the surgery. I am going to have a 2nd one to fix it. But now, I have trouble finding a trustworthy doc. who has really knowledge and experience in this particular type of surgeries. I am going to see a colorectal surgeon for a 2nd opinion before I go on for my 2nd try.

My problem is on going. I am afraid it would be permanent. Now, the only thing to do is to talk dr. after dr. It's hard. Please share more information about dr. choosing with everyone of us here.