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Hi, i am 18 years old, i am a wrestler for my high school team. I cut weight as does every other wrestler i know. But they don't get sick like i do. I don't loose to much weight every week and i am a very healthy eater. But i have been getting sore throats every year since 3 years ago. I would go to the doctor and they would say i have strep throat and they would give me penicillin, but then it came to the point to where once i was done with the prescription, the sore throat would come back. I would say they have diagnosed me with strep throat 15 times within 4 years. They bumped me up to 1000 mg of augmentin, and i would be fine for a week then the sore throat would come back. recently i have been getting sore throats only on one side. My lyphnotes would swell up also. and while i am wrestling i always seem to have a shortness of breath. However the sore throat would go away and then flare up the other side of my throat so it would just be an alternating cycle of pain each week. It feels like swallowing nails. As of recently I don't have insurance right now, and i don't know what i should do? If this seems like a serious problem or not? Please help me!



I can understand about the insurance but you don't want to risk having a strep infection. It can lead to inflammatory diseases such as kidney inflammation, scarlet fever (rash, abdominal pain, fever), and rheumatic fever that can affect the heart, your joints, and your nervous system.

Please find a way to see a doctor.