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i have been bleeding since the 8th of November till tday the 9th of December im still bleedng its heavy with clots, im even starting to experience back pains. went to see the doctor but there seems to be no difference im still bleeding an with clots. im woried abt this, plz help me


You say that you went to see the doctor, but you did not say what the doctor recommended or said that it could be. Also, your age may be a factor in what is going on. There are so many different things that could be going on. Some women experience heavy prolonged bleeding due to fibroids. Many hospitals' first line of treatment for fibroids is NSAIDS... thing like Motrin which reduces swelling and inflammation and shrinks the size of fibroids. But really what should happen here is that your doctor should have told you what might be going on and possible treatment options.