Hiya.. im 21
I missed 3 periods (feb, march, april)
Went to see my GP & he suggested i might have polycystic ovaries as i have dark hair on my face & im overweight. He said i cant go for any type of scan untill i lose weight.
Then in May i started bleeding, thought finally im back to normal..
But the bleeding hasnt stopped for the last 2 & a half months.. Its mainly light & sometimes stops for a day or two then starts again.. but the last 3days ive been very heavy, alot of period pain & a few clots..
I was wondering if anyone's having the same problem & any ideas what it could be. I am planning to go back & see my GP sometime this week but im frightened as to what he may say is wrong.. ive never had an operation so even the thought of a magic eye is scaring me!!..