hey iv been reading all the comments for the last hour now probably trying to find that glimmer of hope that im still pregnant and not having a miscarriage. My pregnancy wasnt a planned so iv been through all the emotions of accepting the birth and then looking forward to it and making plans. Im 5 weeks and on Monday there started to get really bad cramps, abdominal pains and back ache. I went to the bathroom and there was a light pink stain obviously panicked and contacted my GP. The next day I was sent for a scan, they also done an internal scan and everything was there and fine but they booked me another appointment to have another scan to make sure there was growth. On wednesday same thing happenened again but there was heavy bleeding and passing clots, really bad abdomin pains and still bleeding as if its a heavy period today. I know myself its away but im still going for my scan on tuesday coming im hoping apon hope that they say everything is fine.