I have had constant vaginal bleeding for the past seven weeks. It's mostly in the form of clots, that range in size from a quarter to the palm of my hand, I pass up to 20 clots a day. Needless to say my vagina is ruling my life since the clots are so thick that tampons nor pads will absorb them so I have to go scoop them out. 

I also have a throbbing pain near where my left ovary would be and sometimes it feels like "my ovary to stuck to my hip" a few weeks ago the pain was very intense and combined was horrible back pain that I could move through - that lasted about a week. During that week is when I called to make a doctor's appointment.

I went to the doctor's this morning and her nurse was very kind. I told her about the pain and problems and she told me to undress and went to get the dr. I am a bigger girl (size 18) and as soon as the doctor walked in she asked one question; so you have had heavy bleeding? I said yes and then she immediately went to my weight. "Did I know being overweight could cause heavy bleeding?" I never told her about the pain or the clots because she went straight to the Pap smear and made the comment " I don't see very much blood right now." I said the things she was doing hurt and she said they didn't hurt that they were uncomfortable. She pressed quickly on my belly in 4 places and told me to sit up. Upon my sitting up she asked; what can we do to get you exercising? "If you drop even just ten pounds, you'd be surprised" I didn't know what to say, this all happened in a ten to twelve minute period. she said I didn't need an ultra sound because I'd had one 4 years ago and that was normal. She didn't order any blood tests. Nothing.

I don't have insurance and that visit will cost me about 300 dollars. My suspicion is something more is going on and even if not it would give me more piece of mind to know for sure. Even with fibroids and cysts birth control will stop the bleeding but it doesn't fix the problems I am worried and like a friend said;it's not like I got fat just 7 weeks ago. Basically, I feel like I am anemic but I don't want to end up taking too much iron and because of the pressure and throbbing it makes me think I have a cyst or fibroid (hopefully nothing more serious). Has anyone else had a similar problem be resolved? Has anyone been treated poorly because of weight?